Tribute Park

Tribute Park Informational Meeting:
Please join Staff along with the Tribute Park Committee on January 31, 2024 at the Mounds View Community Center, 5394 Edgewood Drive at 10:30 am or 6 pm for an informational meeting regarding the construction of Tribute Park.

Vision Statement:
To honor, recognize, and remember those who have served our nation, emergency first responders, and to remember residents that have lost their lives in local disasters.
In tribute, lest we forget.
Concept Rendering 1

How the Park was Inspired
The idea for Tribute Park began as a wish to honor those who lost their lives in major local tragedies: the tornado of 1965, the pipeline explosion of 1986, and the 35W bridge collapse of 2007.  This notion quickly expanded to include remembrance to local veterans, first responders, police officers, and fire fighters. 

Designed Park Layout
The current plans consist of a walkway branching out from the City Hall sidewalk system, starting with the vision statement on an entry tablet.  Along the path there would be tributes to each local tragedy (see 13-11 on concept layout below) and to EMS, firefighters, and police officers (see 10-8 on concept layout below).  Lining the sides of the path would be granite pavers which residents could purchase in honor of their service or in honor of a loved one’s service.  The path would end at the Veteran’s Circle where there would be granite monuments and flags for each branch of the military.  Starting to the right would be the Space Force and continuing on in the order of branch creation, ending would be the POW and MIA tribute (see 1-7 on concept layout below).  Each tablet would describe the history of the represented branch.  The center of the circle would house the American flag as well as benches for quiet reflection.  Leading to and surrounding the Veteran’s Circle would be lights to perpetually illuminate the City’s tribute. 
Tribute Park - Concept Map for the Website
Tribute Park - Concept Military Tablets

Tribute Park - Concept Local Tragedies Tablets

Plans for Funding Construction
The Adopted City Budget currently has a line item for the creation of the Tribute Park, but no funding source.  To help cover the costs of construction, the planning committee is considering the use of corporate sponsorship.  If this is approved, these sponsors would be listed either on a plaque hanging in City Hall or on a placard at the entrance to the park path.  The sale of engraved pavers along the path would help cover some of the costs as well as costs post-construction.  These pavers would be available for Mounds View residents to buy in honor of their service or to honor that of a loved one’s.
Mounds View Tribute Park - Paver Sample Label

Your Feedback is Requested
The City Council and planning committee are looking for feedback from the residents.  Use this link or scan the QR Code below to complete the survey. 
All surveys are due by March 8th at 3:30pm.
Tribute Park Survey QR Code

Volunteering Opportunity
Also, please let us know if you would be interested in volunteering to help maintain the facilities.