Parks, Recreation & Forestry Commission

The Parks and Recreation and Forestry Commission is a volunteer advisory group that provides recommendations to the Council relating to the development and improvement of parks and park facilities within the City. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City on all matters affecting the park and recreation programs. This seven member advisory group is appointed by the City Council to three-year staggered terms.

The Commission typically meets at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month at City Hall. However, please check the City meeting calendar for exact dates since meeting dates and times occasionally change.

Seat  Commissioner Address Phone Term Expires
 A1 Gerald Arel, Chairperson 7750 Greenwood Drive 763.780.7360 12-31-2020
 A2 Mary Zaiger 2874 Mounds View Blvd. 651.485.2577 12-31-2020
 B1 John Kroeger, Vice Chair 8280 Pleasant View Drive 763.780.8638 12-31-2021
 B2 Roscoe Curry 2736 County Road H2 763.458.2708 12-31-2021
 B3 Gary Rundle 7445 Spring Lake Road 763.784.8556 12-31-2021
 C1 Colleen Sullivan 8385 Sunnyside Road 651.983.3481 12-31-2023
 C2 Cindy Palm, Secretary 2266 Terrace Drive 763.783.5769 12-31-2023


Parks & Recreation Facility Guide General Information about Parks and Recreation and Forestry Commission Code-Chapter 405

Contact Information

Staff Liaison
Don Peterson
Public Works Director