Building Inspections & Permits

Building Inspections & Permits

Building Official
The City of Mounds View Building Official is responsible for administrating the Minnesota Building Code. The State Building codes are adopted to maintain the safety of structures surrounding us in our everyday lives; our homes, schools, offices, stores, restaurants, recreational facilities, etc., by providing very important safeguards and standards to protect us from disasters due to fire, structural failure, deterioration, weather, and natural disasters- to name just a few.

The Community Development Department is also responsible for making sure any contractors operating within the City are properly licensed and insured. See the MN Dept of Labor’s Tips for Hiring a Contractor web page.

Permit fees can be found on our current Fee Schedule. To calculate the fees use the Department of Labor and Industry Fee Calculator

Permit applications (see Building Forms below), plan review process, and required inspections help officials ensure any construction complies with the minimum requirements of MN State Building Codes and city zoning ordinances.

See Building Information Handouts if you are unsure whether or not your project requires a permit.

Inspections are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM.  To cancel and reschedule an inspection without a re-inspection fee, 24 hours notice is required.  A representative is required to meet with the inspector for the duration of the inspection.  

Electrical Permits and Inspections
The inspector for the City of Mounds View is State Electrical Inspector David Sawyer. Permits and  Inspection scheduling can be found on his web site at Mounds View inspections are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. If you have questions, call 763-551-5557 during office hours M-F 7:00am-8:30am.

Manufactured Homes and Information

Home Energy & Maintenance

Building Safety Handouts
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