Building Inspections & Permits

Building Inspections & Permits

The Community Development /Building Inspections Department are open M-Th 7-5. Contact us at 763-717-4020 or


Mounds View has converted to a 24/7 cloud based online permitting system. All permits and license application(s) must be submitted through the online service. Links are above.

Information for Commercial Construction & Zoning
                     Change of Occupancy            PDF Handout               
                    (For Businesses and commercial spaces)

                     City Contractor's Licensing & Registration        PDF Handout        Contractor's License Application
                      (For contractors/applicants without a current State issued license)

                      Building Information       PDF Handouts

Information for Residential Construction & Zoning
                      Requirements:             Permit Requirements              Permit FAQs

                      PDF Permit Applications:      Building      Solar PV      Zoning          Fire        Mechanical         Plumbing
                                                                                     Temporary Sign              Planning Application

                       Additional PDF Permit Documents:   Site Plan        Homeowner Acknowledgement
                                                                                               Neighbor Authorization Form (fences)
                                                                                               Deck Construction Checklist    Energy Certificate

                       Building Information         PDF Handouts

         Inspections are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am - 4 pm. 24 hours' notice is required to schedule an inspection or to cancel/reschedule without a re-inspection fee. Call 763-717-4020 or email to schedule

         Mounds View Fee Schedule
         To calculate the Building Permit fees use the Department of Labor and Industry Fee Calculator

Electrical Permits and Inspections
       The inspector for the City of Mounds View is State Electrical Inspector Andrew Nykanen. Permits can be found at the Dept. of Labor and Industry and  Inspection scheduling can be found on his web site at Mounds View inspections are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. If you have questions, call 651-964-0121 during office hours M-F 7:00am- 8:30am.

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