What is and isn't Recyclable?

Include these items

 Cardboard & Pizza Boxes  Magazines
 Mail  Phonebooks
 Office Paper  Newspaper
 Most Plastic food & beverage containers   Boxboard
 Glass bottles & Jars  Milk Cartons & Juice   boxes
 Steel & Aluminum Cans   Foil & Trays

Don't include these items

 Boxes from refrigerated or frozen foods  Scrap metal
 Egg cartons or boxes soiled with food  Paper towels, napkins, cups and plates
 Plastic bags or plastic wrap  Gift wrap or tissue paper
 Aerosol cans, paint cans  Bottles used for home needle disposal
 Window glass and mirrors  Medicine containers
 Drinking glasses, mugs, dishes, cookware, pottery and vases  Toys
 Styrofoam  Black plastic tubs and trays
 Containers that held hazardous automotive and yard products, such as motor oil and pesticides  Containers that held hazardous products, such as nail polish, hobby paints, paint thinner and automotive fluids