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Council to update and codify City Code
The Council will be spending time at future meetings and workshops conducting a systematic review and update of all 14 Chapters (Titles) of the Mounds View City Code which provide regulation and direction on everything from business licensing to zoning to Boards and Commissions. 

All changes, even the smallest technical amendments must be adopted via the ordinance process which requires a first reading at council and then a minimum of two weeks followed by a second reading at a council meeting.  Finally, a summary of the ordinance must be published in the official city newspaper and does not become effective until 30 days after that publication is out.  This provides residents and business owners a minimum of two more council meetings after approval along with the two meetings during the approval process to provide input and feedback.

All proposed changes will be available via the web page in the council packet agenda items which are posted on our web page typically the Friday before the council meetings. 

Upon completion of the update, the city will then codify or insert the amendments/changes into the code and republish the amended code.  During this process, we ask residents and business owners to engage in the process by checking the web page/council agendas; attend meetings and provide feedback if so inclined, or email/write any concerns you may have – all of which will be shared with council.

Any recently adopted ordinances will be included in the Download Documents section below. A copy of any proposed ordinances will be posted in the Download Documents section at the bottom of this page if and when any new ordinance is being considered.
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The following Ordinances have been adopted by the City Council:12 documents

  • Ordinance 992
    document Header Ordinance 992
    Amending Chapter 52 of the Mounds View Code Relating to a Cost-Sharing Program to Facilitate Certain Residential Sanitary Sewer Line Installations
  • Ordinance 991
    document Header Ordinance 991
    Amending Section 110.017 of the Mounds View Municipal Code Relating to Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor Licenses
  • Ordinance 990
    document Header Ordinance 990
    Amending Mounds View City Code Title XI, Section 119.024 Related to Issuance of a Rental License
  • Ordinance 989
    document Header Ordinance 989
    Amending Mounds View City Code Title XV Land Use, Chapter 160 Relating to Outdoor Vending Kiosks 
  • Ordinance 988
    document Header Ordinance 988
    Amending Mounds View City Code Chapter 161 Relating to Dynamic Displays
  • Ordinance 987
    document Header Ordinance 987
    Amending The Mounds View Municipal Code Title XI, Business Regulations, By Deleting Chapter 111
  • Ordinance 986
    document Header Ordinance 986
    Amending Chapter 118, Cigarettes and Tobacco
  • Ordinance 985
    document Header Ordinance 985
    Amending the Zoning Map for properties at 4889, 4943 Old Highway 8
  • Ordinance 984
    document Header Ordinance 984
    Amending Section 7.03, Subdivision 1, of the City of Mounds View Charter Pertaining to the City's System of Taxation
  • Ordinance 983
    document Header Ordinance 983
    Adopting the 2022 City of Mounds View Fee Schedule
  • Ordinance 982
    document Header Ordinance 982
    Amending Title III, Chapter 37, Section 37.060(B) and Title IX, Chapter 92, Section 92.999 of the Mounds View Municipal Code Regarding Public Improvements and Parks and Recreation
  • Ordinance 981
    document Header Ordinance 981
    Amending Title V, Chapter 50, Title IX, Chapter 90 and Title XI, Chapter 110, 111, 116 and 118 of the Mounds View Municipal Code Regarding Business License Expiration Date

Proposed Ordinances1 document

  • Ordinance 988
    document Header Ordinance 988
    Amending the Official Zoning Map