Licensed Waste Haulers

Recycling & Disposal

Licensed Waste Haulers in Mounds View

The City of Mounds View does not contract with one specific garbage hauler, Mounds View residents can choose from five garbage haulers that are licensed in Mounds View. Those five haulers are Ace Solid WasteRepublic ServicesWaste ManagementWalter's, and Curbside. Visit your hauler's Website below to find out how to get a recycling bin and what items your hauler will collect. Most garbage hauler's have recycling programs. Please contact your garbage hauler to find out what types of materials they will take and what they don't allow.

For information on commercial pickup, please contact Barb Benesch at 763.717.4018

Not sure what to ask when shopping around for a waste hauler?  Here are some questions to ask your hauler:

  1. Where does my garbage go?  It is important to keep waste out of landfills. Haulers are required to inform their customers in writing each year where they take their waste for disposal. Waste can now go to a Resource Recovery Facility where it is processed into fuel to burn to produce electricity.  
  2. Are their additional charges I may see itemized on my bill?  Some haulers charge additional fees such as a fuel charge or environmental fee but do not include these in the rate you are quoted.   

  3. Can I save money on my bill by getting a smaller garbage cart?  Reduce the amount of waste you generate and save money by getting a smaller garbage cart from your hauler.  Trash haulers often offer different sized carts, so get the smallest size you will need and pay less for monthly service.  

  4. Will you collect yard waste, and how much will that service cost?

  5. What number should I call for service questions such as a missed pick up, going on vacation, and holiday schedules?    

  6. How do I get rid of extra items that do not fit in my cart, and what will it cost me to get rid of these items?  You can also check if your city offers a clean up day for bulky items including appliances, furniture, bikes, scrap metal, concrete...or take anytime to any of the transfer stations listed below.  Dropping off items at a transfer station will be less expensive than paying your trash hauler to pick them up at the curb.  Mounds View has a community cleanup day event once a year.