Mounds View Police Department


Welcome to the Mounds View Police Department.

On behalf of the entire staff at the Mounds View Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our department web site. The mission of the Mounds View Police Department is to maintain a safe city by reducing and deterring crime through enforcement, education, and outreach.

The Mounds View Police Department’s core values are Service, Integrity, and Commitment. We are dedicated to providing quality policing services in an effort to enhance the quality of life and build trust and partnership with our community. All the officers and staff strive to provide the best possible customer service. We provide services in the areas of patrol operations, K9 patrol operations, investigations, crime prevention, school resource, evidence/records administration, and police support.

The Mounds View Police Department consists of 21 officers who hold various levels of training and educational achievement. The organizational structure consists of a Chief of Police, a Deputy Chief of Police, four Patrol Sergeants, two Investigators, and 13 Patrol Officers. We also have various specialty assignments within the agency to include a School Resource Officer, a Neighborhood Resource Officer, two K9 Officers, two SWAT Operators, and a Violent Crime Enforcement Team (VCET) member.

The equipment Officers’ carry and use today is current with technological advances in law enforcement to include in-squad cameras, body worn cameras, IBIS (Information-Based Identification System) technology, speed enforcement technology, and access to a scenario based virtual reality simulator. The Mounds View Police Department will continue to invest in training and equipment as well as continue to be committed to our most important asset which is our officers.  

You are welcome to review our webpage for any additional information or call us at (763) 717-4070. I am excited to continue to serve the Mounds View community in my new role as Chief of Police.

Thank you,
Police Chief Ben Zender