City Council

City Council

.The City Council is the legal body of the City government and determines all matters of public policy. The Council consists of the Mayor and four Council members. Council members are elected to four year overlapping terms on an at-large basis.

The Mayor presides at all meetings of the City Council and is a voting member. The Mayor is recognized as the head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes, by the courts for the purpose of serving civil process, and by the Governor for purposes of martial law. The mayoral term is two years.

City Council meetings are scheduled for the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at 6:30 PM and are aired live on the local government access Cable Channel 16. The City Council also holds an informal work session on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. No formal action is taken at the work session.

Minnesota Statues Section 13D.021 - Meeting by Phone or Other Electronic Means; Conditions - Minn. Stat. 13D.021 provides that a meeting of a public body may be conducted via telephone or other electronic means if meeting in a public location is not practical or prudent because of health pandemic or declared emergency. 

The City Council's goals are reviewed and updated at the Council's annual strategic planning and goal setting retreats typically held in February. The goals are then formally adopted by the Council and presented to the residents at the Town Hall meeting held each spring.

Here are the following candidates for office at the upcoming November 3rd, 2020 State General Elections. 

Mayor's Seat                                                                          Council Member (2 elect)
Carol A. Mueller                                                                     Connor S. Brackeen
Sherry L. Gunn                                                                       Theresa Cermak
                                                                                                   Gary Meehlhause
                                                                                                   Murow S Mohamed
                                                                                                   Gary Rundle