H2OPP Program and Point of Sale

Public Works


Point of Sale Program Requirement (Inflow and Infiltration )
As part of Mounds View's Water Preservation Program (H2OPP), the City Council adopted Ordinance 967 which requires all property owners, before the transfer of title for their property, to have the sewer service line from the property to the sewer main, televised and if needed, rehabilitated or repaired. The sewer service line is called the "lateral" and is the responsibility of the property owner. The goal of the program is to eliminate the infiltration of ground water into the sanitary sewer system.

Step 1 - City Application and Fee:
The property owner must submit a City Application for Inflow and Infiltration and an application fee of $150.00.  An email notification will be issued with instructions on how to pay the application fee.
Step 2 - Have the Sewer Service Video'd:
The property owner will need to hire a company to televise the sewer service line. The City has partnered with Marvel Sewer and Drain, 763-445-9005, and they are televising for $145.00 or you may hire a contractor of your choice.
How to submit video?
The video will need be submitted to the Public Works Department, publicworks@moundsviewmn.org for review. The video can be sent via dropbox, mp4, or by copying to a flash drive - NO YouTube Videos, Video of a Video are accepted.
Once the video is submitted, Staff has 5 business days to review it for deficiencies such as but not limited to a crack in the pipe, an off set joint, or tree roots protruding into the pipe which is defined as Inflow and Infiltration. Should infiltration/inflow exists, a Notice of Correction will be issued, via email, for repairs to the sewer service. The property owner has 90 days after the Notice of Correction is issued to repair the service and this must be done before the sale or transfer of the property. Repairs might include excavation or lining of the existing lateral; the best procedure to repair the service line will be determined by the property owner and or contractor.
Once the repair is made a Certificate of Compliance, via email, which is valid for 20 years and remains with the property.

NOTE: If no deficiencies are present, the Certificate of Compliance will be issued, via email.

Zero Interest Loan Money for the cost of Inspection or Sewer Line Repairs
As a way to help alleviate costs to homeowners to inspect, repair sewer lines, or upgrade your water softner with new technology, the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is partnering with the EDA to administrate a 0% loan program for up to 5 years. For more information call 612-335-5858 or https://www.mncee.org/city-specific-loans

Contact the Public Works Department at 763.717.4050.

The Goals of the H2OPP Program:
 - Protecting ground water from contamination.
 - Conservation of treated water.
 - Reduction of discharge into storm and sanitary sewer systems.