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The City does not require permits to operate a home-based business, although no home occupation shall be allowed which:

  • Involves employees other than persons residing on the premises.
  • Involves alteration or construction features not customarily found in residential dwellings.
  • Involves exterior storage of equipment or materials. 
  • Generates more than two vehicles at a time for either off street or on street parking.
  • Results in any violations of the provisions of the Nuisance Code.
  • Involves activities visible from public streets.

Auto repair, while not specifically disallowed as a home business, typically violates some or all of the above-listed criteria and as such would not qualify as a permitted home business. 

Common home occupations include:

  • Daycare
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Upholstering
  • Tax preparation
  • Sewing or alterations

Residents are allowed to display signs advertising a home occupation as long as the sign does not exceed one square foot and the sign used for identification purposes only and be located on either the principal structure or garage.

The regulation of home occupations within residential structures is intended to ensure that the use is clearly accessory or secondary to the principal dwelling and that compatibility with the surrounding residential uses is maintained.