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Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) is an alliance of individuals and networks dedicated to providing support and resources to those who lead volunteers. On September 8, 2014, the City was awarded a grant from MAVA, in the amount of $2,000, to start the process in establishing a City Volunteer Program. By sharing your time and talent, you can help make Mounds View be the most livable city in America. Regardless of age, ability, or time constraints, you can make a difference. The City is excited to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to support the Mounds View community. Are you looking for a 1 day event? How about a long term opportunity? Do you want to work outside? Maybe you have excellent organizational skills? We may just have the right fit for you! For further information on this program, please contact Mounds View City Hall at 763-717-4000, or you may refer to the Mounds View Volunteer Application


The City of Mounds View is currently accepting applications for the newly created Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee.  In order to serve as a volunteer, you must be a resident of Mounds View, attend quarterly meetings, and have an interest in our community.  This Committee will make recommendations regarding recreation programming to the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commission and the Mounds View Parks and Recreation Staff.

The Committee will meet on a quarterly basis with meetings being held during the day at the Mounds View Community Center between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Specific time to be determined.  You can apply online by clicking on Commission Application in lower left hand side of this page.  If you need an application mailed or emailed, please contact barb.benesch@moundsviewmn.org .

Deadline for all applications is Friday, March 5th, 2021.  For further information regarding serving on this committee, contact Don Peterson, Public Works/Parks and Recreation Director at (763) 717-4051.


The Spring Lake Park - Blaine - Mounds View Fire Department is seeking volunteers. If you are over 18 years of age and feel this calling is for you, please contact Maddison Zikmund at mzikmund@sbmfire.com or 763-786-4436.


Mission: To increase knowledge and understanding of the critical importance of “Civic Engagement” needed to ensure a successful democratic republic.

Purpose: The City of Mounds View recognizes the ultimate success of a republic does not reside in the simple act of voting, rather it is in an engaged citizenry that understands the true cost of the liberty and freedoms we are so fortunate to enjoy.  In short, democracy is hard work, it is not enough to just vote; one must become informed about the issues, informed about civic duty, and engage in governmental processes.  The TCL program is specifically created and designed to provide our future leaders multiple opportunities to explore, understand, and engage in our republic.