No Mow May

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**Note: Properties must be registered using the form below (or address emailed to Public Works) and display proper signage (link to sign) to participate.**

The City of Mounds View is joining the "No Mow May" initiative to promote healthy habitats for early-season pollinators, such as bees, by allowing grass to grow. During this month-long voluntary program, the City will temporarily suspend enforcement of City Code 91.020 regarding grass length. Renters must have landlord permission to participate. The program will run from May 1 -31 with mowing to begin by the first Monday in June. Those interested in participating are encouraged to register online. For more information about the No Mow May initiative, click here!

Yard signs will be available for those registered at the Mounds View Community Center front desk. Signage should be displayed on participating yards for City Staff and curious neighbors to identify project participation. 

Participating in No Mow May supports all of Minnesota's pollinators - Minnesota pollinators include native bees, honeybees, ants, flies, beetles, birds, butterflies, and more! Avoiding mowing protects overwinter habitat for native bees and allows plants rich in nectar and other nutrients to grow as pollinator food when pollinators need it most. More healthy and more biodiverse pollinators help Minnesota's urban landscapes, and statewide agriculture thrive.
When you start mowing again in June, learn from the UMN about mowing best practices for a healthy lawn. Best practices include only taking off a percentage (~25%) of the grass and frequently mowing to bring it to the desired height. Start at the highest height of the cut. Mow late in the day when the grass is as dry as possible. Transitioning out of No Mow May is a great time to permanently raise the height of cut of your lawn to 2-1/2 to 3".
Want to take steps for a more pollinator-friendly lawn year-round? Learn how to grow landscapes to help pollinators and the basics of planting and maintaining a bee lawn.

Questions? Contact Public Works at 763-717-4050. Register with this link or below today!

(sources: the City of Edina, Bee City USA, and the University of Minnesota)