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Why does the City crack seal and fog seal? 
Asphalt crack sealing is an important step to take for the maintenance of the asphalt surface, because it helps to prevent larger maintenance projects down the road. Even the smallest cracks can easily turn into larger cracks, craters, and dangerous potholes.

A fog seal normally contains an emulsifying agent – or diluted asphalt – and a rejuvenator and is designed to seal narrow cracks and restore lost flexibility to the pavement surface.

2023 Crack and Fog Sealing Schedule
2023 Crack and Fog Sealing Map

Pleasant View Drive- Street Project

For the project year 2023, the Cities of Fridley and Mounds View are proposing to add a 10-foot wide bituminous multiuse trail on the east side of Stinson Boulevard/Pleasant View Drive between 73rd Avenue/County Road H2 and Osborne Road/County Road I. The trail would connect to existing bike and walk facilities on the north and south ends of Stinson Boulevard/Pleasant View Drive. This project is being facilitated by the City of Fridley and is separate from the planned work along Spring Lake Rd (Area K). 
An open house was hosted at the Fridley Civic Campus on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022. Properties within the scope of this project were notified (copy of Open House Invite). Additional information and a meeting recap can be found by following this link. If you would like additional information about this project, don't hesitate to contact Brandon Brodhag, City of Fridley's Assistant City Engineer, at (763) 238-8086 or by email at
To move away from traditional processes like sealcoating, the City will utilize a new method for road preservation by applying a product named Reclamite for the 2022 maintenance season. Reclamite is a product designed to extend the life of the pavement by sealing the pavement from the elements. This penetrating sealer has been the market's most widely used pavement rejuvenator for over 50 years. It will assist in minimizing the need for more costly and disruptive methods of street repair.

For questions about this project or more information about the process, please reference this mailing that was mailed to directly affected properties.