Organized Waste Collection Meetings

Organized Solid Waste Collection Options Committee

Meeting Notice

The Committee will be meeting in Council Chambers from Noon until Two pm on the following days:

January 17, 2024; 12pm-2pm      Watch Video

January 24, 2024; 12pm-2pm     Watch Video

January 31, 2024; 12pm-2pm     Watch Video

Agendas and materials will be distributed at the meeting and available below:
Organized Solid Waste Options Committee-Draft Agenda's
January 17, 2024 Meeting Agenda
1.  Introductions
2.  Purpose and process status
3.  Review Options Committee Memo
4.  Review May 31, 2023 PowerPoint
5.  Review Charter Petition
6.  Review Literature Review Memo
7.  Review Organized/Open trash list
8.  Review Resident Survey Feedback
9.  Term Sheet Review
10.  Discussion
     a.  What other information would committee members like?

January 24, 2024 Meeting Agenda
1.  Rachel Lindholm - Richfield Sustainability Coordinator     POWERPOINT
2.  Hauler Input
3.  Discussion on Report components
     a.  Research Findings
     b.  Other Cities
     c.  Environmental Impacts
     d.  Fiscal Impact
     e.  Survey Results
     f.  Recommendations

January 31, 2024 Meeting Agenda
1.  Review and discussion of draft Report