City Parks

City Parks


The city of Mounds View has many beautiful parks for you to enjoy. We have park buildings and shelters that are available for rental, which ensures you will have exclusive use of the shelter.  To rent a park shelter please contact the Mounds View Community Center. Shelters are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

The City of Mounds View takes great pride in its park facilities. The parks and natural areas enhance the quality of life for Mounds View residents.

Park Amenities

The parks and recreation offices are located in the Mounds View Community Center, located at 5394 Edgewood Drive across the street from City Hall.

Policies and General Guidelines for Shelter Rentals
  • If your shelter is being used by another group show them your permit and explain that you have rented the shelter. If they refuse to leave please call non emergency police dispatch at 651-484-3366 for assistance.
  • Rental of a park shelter does not include exclusive use of park facilities.
  • Electricity is not available at all shelters.
  • The City of Mounds View is unable to provide additional picnic tables for the shelters.
  • All waste and trash must be deposited in refuse barrels.
  • Recycling containers are provided.  Please recycle items such as cans, plastic bottles, and paper.
  • Permits should be with the user while at the facility for proof of reservation.
  • Do not deposit hot charcoal in refuse barrels.
  • Parking is allowed at designated parking areas only. Vehicles are not allowed on the grass, sidewalk, etc.
  • Dogs are allowed at parks, but must be on a leash and cleaned up after.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in any of the City parks.

Parks, Recreation & Forestry commission
The Parks and Recreation and Forestry Commission is a volunteer advisory group that provides recommendations to the Council relating to the development and improvement of parks and park facilities within the City.  The Commission also makes recommendations to the City on all matters affecting the park and recreation programs. For more information click here.