Foreclosure Prevention


{FA768B45-A31F-409D-90A2-4D39CC3C133D}_WebMounds View residents facing foreclosure should contact LSS Financial Counseling. The counselors will answer your questions, offer free advice, and help you create a plan. Confidentially. LSS is the designated social service agency that provides free foreclosure prevention services to Mounds View residents. LSS Financial Counseling sits under the umbrella of the Minnesota Home Ownership Center.

All Minnesota residents can get FREE advice about your mortgage. You should never pay fees for mortgage foreclosure assistance—many of the companies advertising foreclosure assistance are a scam. Read more about the MN Home Ownership Center and LSS Financial Counseling below:

MN Home Ownership Center is a nonprofit organization that oversees over 20 different Minnesota-based non-profit and community organizations. The Home Ownership Center oversees the Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Program, which is administered by LSS Financial Counseling for Mounds View homeowners. Call 651.659.9336 or 1.866.462.6466 to reach the MN Home Ownership Center.

LSS Financial Counseling is part of Lutheran Social Services (LSS), which is Minnesota's largest, non-profit social service agency. There are ten LSS offices. The closest offices to Mounds View are located in Minneapolis & St. Paul. Call 1.800.777.7419 to reach LSS.

Falling behind on a mortgage is hard. You want to call this home forever, you tried to do everything right. You never thought you'd be here. But don't give up, and don't give in to a quick-fix scam. Scam artists are popping up all across Minnesota, posing as real estate agents, lawyers or other professionals. They claim they'll help with your mortgage for a fee. But then they disappear, leaving you worse than when you started. Don't get caught in a scam. Be on the lookout for anyone who:

  • Charges a fee to help with a modification
  • Asks you to stop paying your mortgage
  • Tells you to pay them, instead of your bank
  • Promises a guaranteed outcome
  • Claims they can find loopholes to cancel your mortgage

Take action as soon as you think you may fall behind on a mortgage payment! Waiting limits your options.

  • Open your mail. Call your lender. Don't be afraid. They want to help you.
  • Cut your bills. Make temporary sacrifices.
  • Put your house payment first.
  • A sheriff's sale does NOT mean that you have to move right away.
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