Tribute Park

In 2022, City Council directed Staff to explore the possibility of a Veteran's Park. The concept quickly grew to also honor those who have served on the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Care (EMS). The Council also felt there was a need to honor residents who lost their lives in local tragedies such as the 1965 Tornado, the 1986 Gas Line Explosion and the 2008 35W Bridge Collapse.

The City Council requested a committee be formed to meet and discuss a concept plan, cost and funding options. The Committee has met and reviewed concepts to honor veterans, first responders and local tragedies. Instead of creating separate areas for Veterans, First Responders and a Local Memorial they recommended that the layout for Tribute Park honor all in the same area yet having some separation to pay respect and tribute to each. 

At the entrance a granite tablet is placed informing the public of the meaning to the Tribute Park, the next tablets recognize and honor those who lost their lives in the 1965 Tornado, the 1986 Gas Line explosion and the 2008 35W Bridge Collapse.

The next granite tablets honor those who have served as first responders in the EMS, Fire Fighters and Police Officers.

To honor the many Men and Women who have served in the various branches of the military, a granite tablet to honor each branch will be placed in a circle, with two benches placed in the center of the circle, the benches will provide a place to rest and reflect.

Behind each granite tablet a flag for each branch of service will be flown. The sidewalk along Tribute will be light along with each granite tablet. 

Please continue to visit the City website for updates regarding the construction schedule, fund raising opportunities, and how to purchase an engraved brick to be placed along the walkway for those wishing to memorialize their loved ones.