Staff Directory


Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Nyle Zikmund City Administrator (763)-717-4001
Administration Brian Beeman Assistant City Administrator (763)-717-4029
Administration Rayla Ewald Human Resource Director/City Clerk (763)-717-4016
Administration Jenny Nelson Communication Technician/Recycling Coordinator/Receptionist (763)-717-4017
Administration Barb Benesch Executive Administrative Assistant (763)-717-4018
Police Department Nate Harder Police Chief (763)-717-4071
Police Department Ben Zender Deputy Chief (763)-717-4088
Fire Department Charlie Smith Fire Chief (763)-786-4436
Finance Department Mark Beer Finance Director (763)-717-4011
Public Works Don Peterson Director of Public Works/Parks and Recreation (763)-717-4051
Public Works Pete Szurek Public Works Superintendent (763)-717-4053
Parks and Recreation Department Andy Thomas Parks and Recreation Superintendent (763)-717-4036
Parks and Recreation Department Leah Vandecar Event Manager/Recreation Coordinator (763)-717-4041
Community Development Jon Sevald Community Development Director (763)-717-4022
Community Development Isaiah Schoeman Firefighter/Fire/Housing/Code Inspector (763)-717-4023
Community Development Nick Henly Building Official (763)-717-4024
Community Development Sherri Eisenbraun Permit Technician (763)-717-4020
Finance Department Agnes Quasabart Accountant (763)-717-4012
Finance Department Kerrie Kane Utility Billing/Accounts Payable Technician (763)-717-4014