Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plan
Approved by the Mounds View City Council in 2021, the 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan, or otherwise know as a  Comprehensive Plan or Comp Plan for the City of Mounds View represents the Community's vision for how the City will grow into the future. 

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a community-wide plan of how land is guided to be used between the years 2020-2040.  The Plan includes goals and policies for land use, housing, transportation, parks, water, and other topics.  These goals and policies are influenced by Mounds View residents and businesses.

The Mounds View Comprehensive Plan is a policy document. The term policy is a reflection of the flexibility intended in the application of the plan. The plan is not to be viewed as a hard and fast graphic layout of the community, nor are the goals and policies, presented in written form, to be viewed as ordinances or law. These are guidelines that typically must be reviewed and applied individually and collectively to each development, improvement or decision that is presented.

The goals and policies contained within the Comp Plan form the basic and fundamental land use plan for the community. In this regard, they actually serve two functions. First, their purpose is to guide all public and private actions and development within the community. In addition to this active function, they also serve the more passive function of establishing evaluation criteria for the development and change that subsequently occurs. Policies are collective in nature. Although a single policy may in some cases define a decision or course of action, it is more commonly the case that several policies apply to a given situation. The community must therefore approach and utilize the comprehensive plan with this understanding.