Streets and Trails

Public Works


Public Works manages pavements, snow/ice control, traffic control, and street lights.

Pothole Reporting

Pothole or snow plowing damage may be reported to the Public Works Department. Please click on this link to report a pothole via email!

Who's Responsible?

Many of Mounds View roads are maintained by Ramsey County; they are responsible for the maintenance (snow removal, pothole repair, sweeping, mailbox damage, etc.) on the following roads:

  • County Road I (east of Silver Lake Road)
  • Long Lake Road
  • Silver Lake Road
  • Old Highway 8
  • County Road H
  • Mounds View Boulevard

Any questions or concerns about the above-listed roads should be directed to Ramsey County Public Works at 651-266-7100.

Road Restrictions 

Yearly road restrictions are put into effect and enforced during the spring when the roadways are thawing out.  The start date and duration period of these restrictions are mandated by the State of Minnesota, 651-366-5400, and weather conditions (normally 6-8 weeks).  Click here for the load restriction map.

Road restriction permits will be issued on a CASE BY CASE study and can only be approved by the Director of Public Works.

Traffic COUNTs

Thousands of traffic counts are collected on Minnesota roadways each year. City staff follows the direction from MnDOT on which roads and where to collect for a particular year. This information is used to produce volume, classification, speed, weight data, traffic forecasts, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) figures, reports, maps, and analysis. Traffic data products are used in safety evaluation, pavement design, funding decisions, forecasting, modeling, and much more.

The most comprehensive way to view our traffic data (including AADT/HCAADT) is by reviewing this map link.

When are the roads going tO BE plowed?

Streets will be snow plowed in the most efficient manner possible. This means that streets in the same vicinity will typically be plowed one after the other. However, the City has designated some streets as Priority Snow Plow Routes that may be plowed first or more often than other streets during significant winter storms. These priority streets usually have more traffic and connect major sections of the City to provide emergency access for fire, police, and medical services.

To further understand how the City handles the dynamic winters in Minnesota, please reference this list of Frequently Asked Questions. To review the City of Mounds View Snow and Ice Control Policy, please reference this link. Please note that Ramsey County is responsible for maintaining Mounds View Boulevard - NOT the MN Department of Transportation as the policy states.