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Pleasant View Drive Street Rehabilitation Project:
On May 22, 2023, the City Council approved a street rehabilitation project for the section of Pleasant View Drive located between County Road I and County Road H2. This street project will be in conjunction with the City of Fridley for they own Stinson Boulevard.

Neighborhood Meeting
A neighborhood meeting for the project was held on May 24, 2023, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, in the Council Chambers of the Mounds View City Hall, 2401 Mounds View. 

What will the project consist of?
10’ drive lanes will be installed to include an 8’ in width parking lane on the West section of the street with a 2’ foot reaction zone on the East section.  The project will also include replacing the concrete curb and gutter on the East side and spot replacement on the West side. Also, a 10 foot wide shared use trail,  placed directly behind the curb on the East side of Pleasant View Drive will be installed with the project. 
As with past  City street projects, the property owner is offered the opportunity to modify their driveway apron through the City's Private Improvement Program (PIP). 

What is the Private Improvement Program?
The Private Improvement Program, or PIP, provides property owners an opportunity to have improvements to their driveway  constructed as part of the Street Rehabilitation Project. The private improvements are limited to work within the Right-of-Way and consists of modifying (increasing/decreasing) an existing driveway apron width per City Code; and other modifications to existing non-conforming driveway aprons (setbacks, widths, multiple) subject to City policy. The cost for the private improvement will be paid entirely by the property owner and requires approval by the City prior to constructing the private improvement. Participation in the PIP is not required and is voluntarily. If interested in modifying your driveway apron, contact Community Development, 763-717-4020. (Deadline and the costs for the driveway modification PIP will be posted on this website soon.)

NOTE: T.A. Schifsky & Sons, 651-777-1313 is the contractor for this street project and will work with property owners within the project should they want to resurface their driveway. 

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To speak to the project inspector contact Brandon Brodhag at (763) 572-3554.
Construction Update from May 31, 2023
Construction Plans


Project Information for Areas J and K and Construction Plans

Tentative Schedule for Area J (Spring Lake Road, 84th Avenue)

5/15 – final grading and compacting of trail base on west side of Spring Lake Road

5/16 – paving trail on west side of Spring Lake Road

5/17 to 5/19 – site restoration on Spring Lake Road (topsoil and seeding)

5/17 – mill edges of Spring Lake Road and 84th Avenue

5/18 to 5/19 – raising manhole castings and gate valves to final grade

5/22 – pave final lift on Spring Lake Road and 84th Avenue

5/23 – cut out trail pavement and prep area for pedestrian curb ramps; remove and prep damaged driveways for warranty work

5/24 – pour pedestrian curb ramps and driveways

Tentative Schedule for Area K (Mounds View Boulevard Trails)

5/15 to 5/26 – continue building trails on both sides of Mounds View Boulevard

5/26 – pour pedestrian curb ramps on Mounds View Boulevard

6/2 – pave Mounds View Boulevard trails

6/5 – site restoration on Mounds View Boulevard (topsoil and seeding)

Tentative Schedule for Area K (Spring Lake Road)

6/5 to 6/16 – install storm sewer

Exact project schedules are challenging as dates are subject to change based on weather or otherwise unforeseen project delays. For any questions or issues regarding construction, don't hesitate to contact the Project Hotline at 763-717-4055. Please also reference the project FAQ (link here).

We ask homeowners within the project Area J to:

Additionally, please reference the following attachments for further information surrounding the street project:

Per the City Capital Improvement Program, the following areas will undergo street rehabilitation and improvement:



Further details regarding this street project can be found by following this link to a "StoryMap." This linked webpage provides all the current information surrounding this project and can be engaged by scrolling down or clicking on different sections by navigating the top ribbon options. (IMPORTANT: Though the StoryMap asks for you to sign in, click the "cancel" button 2 different times and you then will have access.)

Project Milestones:

  • "Area 1" (Pleasant View Drive/ 84th Ave/ Pleasant View Ct) received mailboxes, black dirt, and hydroseed in early August 2022, as the work in this area of the project concluded. 
  • A public information meeting was held on August 25th, 2021, for project Areas J and K, with staff presentations and a Q&A session. Feedback and comments were welcomed through a public survey and other means of communication.
  • The public feedback survey closed at 3:30 pm on August 27, 2021. Project comments and survey information will be compiled and provided to City Council for their consideration.
  • On April 13th, 2022, a neighborhood meeting was held for the Area J street rehab project. Information surrounding the project was presented and allowed homeowners to ask questions to engineers and construction personnel. Don Peterson, Director of Public Works, led the presentation along with Q & A from residents. (click for video link)
  • On April 26th, 2023, a neighborhood meeting was held for the Area K street rehab project. Information surrounding the project was presented and allowed homeowners to ask questions to engineers and construction personnel. Don Peterson, Director of Public Works/Parks and Recreation, led the presentation along with Q & A from residents. (click for video link)