Crime Prevention


Emergency Responder Notification Program
The Mounds View Police Department is proud to announce our Emergency Responder Notification Program. This program was inspired by the White Bear Lake PD and helps Officers provide the best resources and services available. Stickers are available for household with a member who has Dementia/Alzheimer's, Brain Injury/PTSD, Diabetic, Autism or Special Needs, or is Hearing Impaired. Stop by the MVPD to request one or contact Deputy Chief Ben Zender at and he will mail out the applicable stickers to you. Residents are asked to place these stickers at the main entrance of your home.


Neighborhood Watch
The Mounds View Police Department is proud to partner with Mounds View residents and Neighborhood Watch.  We are focused on strengthening neighborhoods and their relationship with the MVPD through crime prevention efforts and socialization.  Neighborhood Watch groups are most effective when neighbors get to know one another and learn what does and does not belong in their neighborhood.  Studies have shown that neighbors committed to participating in a watch group will help improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. Click here to learn more and get started today!

Crime Free Multi-Housing
The City of Mounds View participates in the Crime Free Multi-Housing program which was first established in Arizona in 1992 and has since spread nationwide. The program has been endorsed by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, Minnesota State Sheriffs Association, Minnesota Crime Prevention Association, and the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association. Over 120 law enforcement agencies currently participate in CFMH or similar programs. 

The program consists of three phases.

Phase 1: Management Training focused on working with police, crime prevention, lease agreements and evictions, applicant screening and fair housing, and Terrorism Awareness and Prevention.

Phase 2: Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) Survey where a representative from your local police does a security walk around at your rental property to specifically look for weaknesses that could be exploited by someone out to commit property crime. Our agency currently does offer free home premise surveys. 

Phase 3: Resident safety meeting where residents, management, and law enforcement can come together to discuss current topics related to crime prevention, suspicious behavior, current trends, and basic safety.

Participating properties are eligible for free police reports on violations of Ordinance 1012.05, Conduct on Licensed Premises, on going communication with NRO LeVoir, and discounts off rental licenses.
Licensing requests or questions can be brought to the Mounds View City Hall during business hours. Neighborhood Resource Officer Sarah LeVoir currently oversees the law enforcement actions related to CFMH. 

Home Premises Survey
Upon request, the police department provides individual feedback to the resident regarding their own home and safety measures which may prevent property crimes. This service is free! 

Fraud 2019THA-2019

Each year, Mounds View residents loose thousands of dollars to scam artists. the above graphs show the number of scams reported to our agency with 2018 on the left and 2020 on the right. It's important to remember in Minnesota, "no sponsor shall require a person in Minnesota to pay the sponsor money as a condition of awarding the person a prize" per MN Statute 325f.755s2(a). Common scams include the Grandparent Scam, Door to Door, Identity Theft, and Lotter/Sweepstakes. Click here to learn more.

COVID scams