Community Development

The operation of residential rental properties is considered a business enterprise that gives rise to certain responsibilities.  Per city ordinance, every rental dwelling, including single-family rental dwellings, must be licensed.  All licenses must be renewed and inspected annually.

It is the purpose of the city’s rental dwelling licensing program to help ensure that Mounds View’s residential communities are safe, secure, and sanitary; free from crimes and criminal activity, noise, nuisances or annoyances; and free from reasonable fears about safety of persons and security of property.  The city is committed to ensuring that homes do not become nuisances or blight to the neighborhood and do not create a disincentive to invest in the community.

Rental Dwelling License Process

2023 Rental Dwelling Licenses will expire on December 31st, license must be renewed annually. An online application must be filed with the Community Development Department thirty (30) days prior to the effective date for license renewal in existing buildings to avoid penalties.  Any owner or agent who fails to apply for a license renewal in the case of an existing license, prior to the time or date set forth herein shall pay a penalty as established by City Council resolution. You will also need to have your Utility bill and Property Taxes at a zero balance on or before November 30th, 2023.

An inspection of your rental property is required as part of the licensing process. These inspections are typically conducted in February through October of each year.  You will be notified prior to the scheduling of the inspection in your neighborhood.  A Rental Property Checklist has been included to help you prepare for you inspection. The City of Mounds View does not charge a fee for the first inspection/attempted inspection or for a follow up inspection. However, for each additional re-inspection or attempted inspection/no show, a fee is charged at a rate of $63.25.  If you have any questions about the Inspection Program, please contact Isaiah Schoeman at (763) 717-4023 or at Inspections.

Crime Free Housing 
The City of Mounds View participates in the Crime Free Multi-Housing program which was first established in Arizona in 1992 and has since spread nationwide. This program is run through the Mounds View Police Department, more information can be found on the "Crime Free Multi-Housing" page.  Rental Dwelling License fee discounts up to 50% off are given for participating in this program.

The City of Mounds has exempted the following properties; Adult Foster Care Facility, Child Foster Care Facility, Home and Community Based Services - Community Residential Setting which are regulated by other governmental agencies. No application is required to operate in the city. 

Eviction Moratorium Information
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