in order to conserve a natural resource and to help ensure the sustainability of this resource it is important that that the City regulates the use of its water supply. These regulations also establish penalties for violations of the City Code that is associated with said regulations. The goal of implementing these regulations is to reduce the peak water demand on the system and reduce the potential for not meeting the water demands of the City for domestic use and for fire protection

Penalties for violation of the Emergency Water Conservation Regulations of City Code will be:

 1st violation               Written warning

2nd violation              $25.00 fine

3rd violation               $50.00 fine

4th violation               $100.00 fine

5th violation               $200.00 fine            

6th violation               Will be turned over to the City Attorney for criminal prosecution of theft

The  restrictions do not apply to:

  • Private Wells.
  • The City of Mounds View watering multi public uses facilities / parks or athletic fields which require more frequent watering to prevent unreasonable damage.
  • The hand watering of plants, flowers, gardens, or trees using a hose. ·Exemptions will be made for new sod and seed for 30 days with a permit issued from the Public Works Department.
  • Other exemptions will be washing of vehicles, filling swimming pools, and children playing in a hose operated sprinkler or water toy.

NOTE: Watering Restrictions are implemented every year May 1 to September 30