2024 Water Meter Change Out


Keystone Utility Systems has been contracted by the City of Mounds View as the authorized representative to facilitate the residential water meter change out project and an appointment will be required.

Please contact Keystone Utility Systems to schedule an appointment using the following methods:
(You will need your Mounds View Utility Billing Account number)
Phone (toll free number):  1-877-587-2279 weekdays from 8 am-6 pm (EST)
Website: www.keystoneutilities.com/schedule-appointment/
Email:  office@keystoneutilities.com

Updated information:         
At the April 8, 2024 City Council meeting, Council voted to have Keystone Utility Systems replace non-functioning water meter valves for residential properties at the time of their scheduled change out appointment. (Keystone will have a waiver that is required to be signed by the property owner, exempting the City and their subcontractors from any liability should the meter valve(s) fail.)
If a residential property owner paid to have a plumber replace a non-functioning valve on either side of the meter, for this water meter change out project, between March 19 and April 15, 2024, they may submit the invoice to Public Works at 2466 Bronson Drive, 7 am to 3:30 pm or via publicworks@moundsviewmn.org for City reimbursement up to $300.00.