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Mounds View AV Project - Request for Proposal

The City of Mounds View is seeking proposals for an HD Council Chambers and Control Room system at Mounds View City Hall. The existing analog SD system is almost 20 years old; nearly everything will go. The Council Chambers space is used in a variety of ways, with meetings at the dais, meetings at tables in the middle of the room, presentations, and training. It also functions as studio space for non-meeting programming. The new system should support a variety of users, from an experienced video producer accustomed to traditional manual controls to staff producing their own meeting coverage using a simplified touchscreen interface. This project requires flexibility in both room use and operator control.

For additional information, please refer to the Cover Letter, Request for Proposals, List of Resources, and Mounds View AV Project Resources [65 MB .zip file]
Mounds View Television Playback Schedule

The playback schedule for Mounds View Television on Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022 is online at

Web Streams of City Meetings

All Mounds View public meetings are cable cast live on Comcast Channel 16, CenturyLink Channel 8022, and the Internet. While meetings are replayed frequently on Mounds View Television, if you have a high-speed Internet connection you can watch meetings "on demand."

    Links to NSAC's web site
City Council  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
City Council Work Session  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Charter Commission  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Comprehensive Plan Taskforce  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Economic Development Authority (EDA)  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Economic Development Commission (EDC)  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Parks and Recreation and Forestry Commission  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Planning Commission  Agendas & Minutes  CTV Web Stream
Streets & Utilities Committee  (archive only)  CTV Web Stream


Live web streams of Mounds View meetings are available during the meeting. Please note the page will report an error if there is not currently a meeting underway.
LIVE Mounds View Meetings (only during meeting)

Mounds View Television Videos Available on YouTube

Visit the City of Mounds View’s channel on YouTube at You'll find a variety of programs from Mounds View Television. Subscribe to the channel to be notified when new videos are posted.

2018 Mounds View Father/Daughter Ball

The Mounds View Police Foundation Presents the 2nd Annual Father/Daughter Ball at the Mounds View Community Center.

Crossroad Pointe Neighborhood Meeting

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, INH Properties and Heartland Gun Club & Range (developers) conducted a neighborhood meeting to discuss the proposed development of Crossroad Pointe, located on 4.25 acres of vacant land on the south corner of Mounds View Blvd and Co Rd H2.

Watch the August 19, 2017, Festival in the Park of Mounds View parade at

Mounds View's Pre-National Night Out Party from North Suburban Beat on Vimeo.

Public, Educational and Government Access Channels on Comcast 

Number Channel Name
14 CTV Sports
15 CTV Community
16 CTV Cities—Mounds View Television
18 CTV Roseville Area Schools
19 CTV Civic
20 CTV Mounds View Schools
859 CTV HD Showcase

Comcast has activated a high-definition channel for CTV programming. CTV Showcase can be found at Comcast channel 859 and features HD shows from a variety of local producers including Mounds View Television.

Public, Educational and Government Access Channels on CenturyLink

The PEG channel assignments for CenturyLink have changed to be more consistent with Comcast channel numbering. The channels active on the system are: 

Number Call Letter Banner Info
15 CTV CTV North Suburbs
8011 CTVAH CTV Arden Hills
8012 CTVFH CTV Falcon Heights
8013 CTVLD CTV Lauderdale
8014 CTVSPORT CTV Sports
8015 CTVLOCAL CTV Community
8016 CTVRV CTV Roseville
8017 CTVLC CTV Little Canada
8018 CTV623 CTV Roseville Area Schools
8020 CTV621 Mounds View Public Schools
8022 CTVMV CTV Mounds View
8023 CTVNB CTV New Brighton
8024 CTVNO CTV North Oaks
8025 CTVSA CTV Saint Anthony
8515 CTVHD CTV HD Showcase

CenturyLink channel 15 is a mosaic through which all of the CTV channels can be accessed. You can also tune directly to the individual channels. Franchise documents are available at 
North Suburban Communications Commission

The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC) is a joint powers venture with nine cities including Mounds View. If you have concerns with Comcast or CenturyLink, the service providers with cable franchises to operate in Mounds View, please contact NSCC at 651-792-7515.

This information is from NSCC's web site. To learn more, please visit

The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC) is a joint powers venture by the cities of Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville and St. Anthony.

The NSCC is made up of representatives of each of the nine member cities. The NSCC administers and enforces the franchise agreement with the cable company and its successors; stewards resources, including franchise fees from member cities, scholarship funds from the cable company and other income and assets acquired by contract with the cable company or others; provides a means of public access to cable television through its establishment and oversight of the NSAC (North Suburban Access Corporation); and informs member cities and the public of developing technology and issues related to cable communications.

Mounds View is represented by Council Member Bill Bergeron.
The NSCC meets bimonthly on the first Thursday at the CTV North Suburbs studio in Roseville; the next meetings are scheduled for April 5 and June 7, 2018. Replays of the NSCC and NSAC board meetings are available at The packets for the NSCC and NSAC meetings are available as PDF files.

Approvals of Comcast Franchise

After years of negotiation and effort, a new ten year cable franchise with Comcast should be in place for 2018. At their August 3rd meeting the North Suburban Cable Commission voted to recommend that the nine member cities, including Mounds View, approve the Comcast Cable Franchise Ordinance. Additional information including the ordinance language is available at

Closed Captioning Feasibility Study

The North Suburban Cable Commission, of which Mounds View is a member, approved a proposal for a closed captioning feasibility study at their June 1st meeting. Closed captions were created for deaf or hard of hearing persons, but they are also used by English as a second language learners (ESL), people learning to read, and in noisy environments or where the audio must be muted. Captioning live television has been an expensive process, requiring dedicated hardware and services of a person transcribing the audio to text.

Public, education, and government access channels have been generally exempt from Federal Communications Commission requirements for closed captioning. The Department of Justice enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), under which local governments are not exempt unless they take certain actions. The feasibility study will consider how the needs of the disabled can be met to the maximum extent possible and determine the financial and administrative burden.

CTV Training and Public Access Television

CTV North Suburbs provides access to a wide variety of classes and workshops for the public. With proper training and certification, volunteers have unique access to professional video equipment free of charge. Areas of production and equipment include an in-house studio, high-end digital video production equipment, non-linear editing suites, and top of the line production trucks. Volunteers have the option of taking the classes they want to reach their specific production goals.

The free “CTV 101” class is a prerequisite for all of the other classes. Discover the resources available to get involved at CTV and for making your own TV productions. To get involved, contact CTV North Suburbs at 651.792.7515,, or visit their studio at 2670 Arthur Street in Roseville, near County Road C and Fairview.

The calendar of upcoming classes is at

Ways to View Mounds View Meetings

  1. Attend in person. Each meeting has an opportunity for public comment.
  2. Watch live meeting coverage on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022.
  3. Watch live meetings online at, click LIVE.
  4. Watch replays on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022. Each meeting plays 3–4 times/week.
  5. View the DVD copy at the Ramsey County Mounds View Library, 2576 Mounds View Boulevard. Two months of meetings are available. DVDs are available 2 days after the meeting.
  6. Watch 18 months of meeting archives online at
  7. Purchase a DVD copy at City Hall for $15.

With so many ways to watch City meetings it’s easy to get involved and stay informed.

Local Interest Programs
Learn more about local interest programs like North Suburban Beat, What's Brewin', Disability Viewpoints, and Tale of the Cities.
North Suburban Beat is our local biweekly news program. Catch recent programs at Miss one? Archives are at
What’s Brewin’? highlights local organizations that do good things in our communities. Recent episodes are available at Featured organizations include CTEP Americorps,  My Very Own Bed, Cafesjian Carousel, and Let Them Eat Cake.
Disability Viewpoints is an award-winning monthly show dedicated to highlighting the abilities of those living with a disability. To learn more or watch shows online, please visit
Tale of the Cities highlights people and happenings in the cities of the North Suburban Cable Commission, including Mounds View. Show archives are at This bimonthly program, along with these other local interest programs, is played on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022.

Severe Weather Programs

Are you ready for severe weather season? Learn what you can do to prepare for emergencies and severe weather with the programs Severe Weather WarningsShelter in PlaceCommunity Strength and Preparednessand Recovering from the StormEmergency & Community Health Outreach (ECHO) makes information available in a number of languages. If you know someone who could benefit from this programming in Spanish, Hmong, or Somali, please visit

Keep Up With Local Government
Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022, televises all of the Mounds View City Council; Planning Commission; Charter Commission; Economic Development Authority; Economic Development Commission; and Parks, Recreation & Forestry Commission meetings.
For more issues affecting Mounds View, you can also watch live Ramsey County Board Meetings. Live coverage from Ramsey County runs Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022. If a meeting ends early, information from the City of St. Paul and Ramsey County will play until noon. Archived meetings may be viewed online at or
The Rice Creek Watershed District is a governmental body that manages development, water use and water quality in a 28-city area that includes all of Mounds View. Their Board of Directors meets the 2nd and 4thWednesdays at Shoreview City Hall. Live meeting coverage is not available for these meetings, but replays are shown on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022, on Monday at 12:00 a.m., Friday at 10:00 a.m., and Saturday at 12:00 p.m. RCWD Board meetings are available at
SBM Fire Department Home Safety Challenge Videos

The Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department offers all residents in their response area a FREE and confidential in-home safety and security evaluation by a trained fire education professional. This free service is the only one of its kind in Minnesota because the SBM Fire Department believes in prevention! 

Take the online quiz at to get a preliminary safety score for your home. You can also watch videos with safety and security recommendations for residents of single family homes, apartments, and manufactured homes online at and on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022.
Health, Safety, and Emergency Readiness
ECHO Minnesota (Emergency & Community Health Outreach) is a leader in multi-language health, safety, civic engagement, and emergency readiness communications. Their programs help ensure that the public is fully informed and empowered with tools to be healthy, safe and ready.
Several ECHO Minnesota programs play on Mounds View Television, Comcast Channel 16/CenturyLink Channel 8022, in English. The same information is available in Spanish, Somali, Khmer, Vietnamese, Lao, and Hmong at along with additional resources about health and safety topics.
Copies of Mounds View Television Programs
A duplication fee of $15 applies to DVD copies. Shows for which duplicates can be made include City Council meetings & work sessions, all other commission & committee meetings, as well as programs such as Music in the Park, Mounds View Today, Conversation with the Mayor, Seniors on the Run, “Mounds View 1958-2008: 50 Years of Memories.”, “Mounds View 1965 Tornado – 50th Anniversary.” VHS copies are no longer available.
Please contact Mounds View City Hall to purchase a copy of a program. For meetings, specify which meeting and the date.

Announcement Request

If your non-profit organization or active community organization has an announcement benefitting the public, you may request that it be placed in the City newsletter, electronic message board, or cable bulletin board. For information on the public announcement policy and submission information, please refer to “Announcement Requests”. 

Suggest Program Ideas for Mounds View Television

Do you have a great idea for a television program highlighting Mounds View? The Production Request form is the way to submit your idea. Staff will contact you to gather more information about your program idea. Requests are prioritized based on available staff time, productions underway, and communication needs of the City. If you want to be more hands on and take part in television production, consider getting involved with CTV North Suburbs, the public access facility supporting Mounds View.

Download Documents

RFP Cover Letter Request for Proposal-Mounds View AV Project RFP Resources List Mounds View AV Project Resources

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