MWF Properties LLC is proposing to construct 60-units of workforce housing on the NW corner of Mounds View Boulevard and Groveland Road. The apartment building would be three stories tall and include one, two, and three-bedroom units, underground and surface parking. The Developer is requesting financial assistance from the Mounds View Economic Development Authority (EDA). If approved, residents would have an income limit of 60% of the area median income, e.g. maximum of $46,380 for a family of three. Project approval will include several phases. If approved, construction is planned spring 2018 through spring 2019. If you have questions, please contact Jon Sevald at (763) 717-4022 or

Meetings are as follows:
Feb 16, 2017  - Neighborhood meeting held by MWF Properties
April 5, 2017 - Planning Commission (rezoning & conditional use permit)
April 24, 2017 - City Council (rezoning)
May 8, 2017 - City EDA (Housing Tax Increment Financing)
May 8, 2017 - City Council (rezoning & conditional use permit - PUBLIC HEARING)
July 19, 2017 - Planning Commission (Major Subdivision & Development Review)
July 24, 2017 - City Council (Major Subdivision - PUBLIC HEARING)
Aug 2, 2017  -  Planning Commission (Development Review cont.)
Aug 14, 2017 - City Council (Major Subdivision - PUBLIC HEARING cont.)
Aug 16, 2017 - Planning Commission (Development Review cont.)
Sep, 2017 - Action on the MWF project postponed at the request of the developer to give them time to resolve access issues with Ramsey County to and from the proposed development from Mounds View Boulevard. 
Dec 11, 2017 - City Council (Preliminary Plat, Development Review cont.)      
February 26, 2018 - EDA & Council approve joint resolution approving real estate option agreement for Boulevard Apartments 
February 26, 2018 - EDA approves Resolution 18-EDA-306 conditionally authorizing acquisition of tax-forfeited Land at a discount for the development of multi-family affordable housing
TBD - City Council (Final Plat)
March 12, 2018 - City/EDA (Housing Tax Increment Financing - PUBLIC HEARING) TIF District created
June 25, 2018 - EDA (Purchase Agreement - PUBLIC HEARING) & Contract for Private Development
November 5, 2018 - Demolition begins on site

Crossroad Pointe is located at the southeast corner of Mounds View Boulevard and County Rd H2. INH Properties is proposing to construct a 135 unit market rate apartment building at Crossroad Pointe, a City Owned 4.25 acre redevelopment site located across from Moe's restaurant. The developers are planning a 3-story building above parking on the entire 4.25 acres site as one option and approximatly 60 units with a Kwik Trip as a second option. An open house was held on September 21, 2017 at the Mounds View Community Center at 6:00 p.m. Video of the meeting is available on the Mounds View YouTube channel. A second neighborhood open house will be held June 27, 2018 starting at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. If you have questions, please contact Jon Sevald at (763) 717-4022 or

Crossroad Pointe Summary
In 2006 and 2013, the City purchased three blighted properties consisting of a restaurant, gas station, and car wash.  Buildings were removed, and the site marketed as “Crossroad Pointe”.
In 2015, the City entered into a predevelopment agreement with a developer for a 100+ unit apartment building on a portion of the site.  The agreement expired in 2016, and the City began marketing the property again.
On August 21, 2017, the City Council considered proposals from three developers; (1) 200 + unit senior apartments; (2) 200+ unit apartments; and (3) 100+ unit apartments and specialty retail (indoor shooting range). The City Council selected the third option, by INH Properties and Heartland Gun Club & Range.

On September 21, 2017, INH Properties and Heartland Gun Club & Range held a neighborhood meeting.
On January 8, 2018, the City entered into a predevelopment agreement with INH Properties.
On February 26, 2018, the City Council considered an Ordinance Amendment that would allow an indoor shooting range within city limits.  Many residents spoke in opposition to the proposed shooting range, and the Council removed that provision from the amendment, hence, the proposed shooting range was removed from the Crossroad Pointe project.
On June 4, 2018, INH Properties/Trident Development proposed two options; (1) a 63-unit apartment building and Kwik Trip convenience store; or (2) a 135-unit apartment building.  Prior to the Council selecting an option to pursue, the Council directed the developer and the City to hold a neighborhood meeting.
On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 6:30 PM at City Hall, 2401 Mounds View Blvd,  a Neighborhood Meeting will be held.    
At a future City Council meeting, the Council will provide direction to the developer of which option to pursue.  Whichever option, the project will require a number of public hearings prior to construction taking place.  The City’s website will be updated with any significant news.

Project History:

2006  City acquires Premium Stop gas station (2394 Mounds View Blvd)
2006   Premium Stop demolished
2006   DSU/Bonestroo completes market analysis and planning study
2006-2012   Begin marketing then Housing Recession hits no interest by developers
2013    City acquires Roberts and Taiko restaurants
2013    Roberts & Taiko demolished
2014    Neighborhood Open House
2014    Stantec completes redevelopment study
2015    City Council & Commissioners tour three developments in St. Anthony (Dominium), St. Louis Park (Bader  Development), and Osseo, (The Beard Group)
2015    The Beard Group proposes Phase 1 to include 119 units (market rate).
2016    City enters into a preliminary development agreement with The Beard Group
2016    The Beard Group withdraws from the preliminary development agreement
Jul 17, 2017 - City Council heard proposals for development from three developers; (1) Dominium, (2) Global Real Estate/Krause-Anderson, and (3) INH Properties
Aug 21, 2017 - City Council heard proposal a second time from all three developers and chose INH Properties. 
Sep 21, 2017 - INH Properties Open House/neighborhood meeting at Community Center from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Sep 25, 2017 - City Council provides 5-0 consensus for INH to proceed with apartments including in-door shooting range as part of the project (Plan A), and to include alternative option without the range (Plan B).
Dec 4, 2017 - City Council held a Worksession to review and discuss a draft Preliminary Development Agreement.
January 8, 2018 - Mounds View Economic Development Authority approved the Preliminary Development Agreement for INH Properties.
January 16, 2018 - INH Properties begins Due Dilligence process.
February 26, 2018 - City Council approves Ordinance No.939, an ordiance amending chapter 702 of the Mounds View Municipal Code to the discharge of weapons within the City excluding language allowing the discharg of firearms in gun ranges.
June 4, 2018 -City Council Worksession to review INH's new proposals for development
June 27, 2018 - Neighborhood Open House
July 2, 2018 - City Council considered the options and decided that further discussion of the land sale price would need to occur at the EDA closed session.
July 9, 2018 - EDA held a closed session and decided that an appraisal should be completed before determining land price.
August 13, 2018 - Appraisals were presented to the EDA in a closed meeting and a price was determined for negotiation purposes.
August 27, 2018 - EDA chose to persue the construction of approximatly 135 apartment units.




Crossroad Pointe Neighborhood Meeting Notice 9.21.17 Crossroad Pointe Neighborhood Meeing Notice 6.27.18 Long Lake Woods Neighborhood Meeting Long Lake Road Improvements County Rd I Road Closure Map MWF Notice of Finding and Intent to Request Release of Funds

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