Proposed & Adopted Ordinances

Council to update and codify City Code
The Council will be spending time at future meetings and workshops conducting a systematic review and update of all 14 Chapters (Titles) of the Mounds View City Code which provide regulation and direction on everything from business licensing to zoning to Boards and Commissions. 

All changes, even the smallest technical amendments must be adopted via the ordinance process which requires a first reading at council and then a minimum of two weeks followed by a second reading at a council meeting.  Finally, a summary of the ordinance must be published in the official city newspaper and does not become effective until 30 days after that publication is out.  This provides residents and business owners a minimum of two more council meetings after approval along with the two meetings during the approval process to provide input and feedback.

All proposed changes will be available via the web page in the council packet agenda items which are posted on our web page typically the Friday before the council meetings. 

Upon completion of the update, the city will then codify or insert the amendments/changes into the code and republish the amended code.  During this process, we ask residents and business owners to engage in the process by checking the web page/council agendas; attend meetings and provide feedback if so inclined, or email/write any concerns you may have – all of which will be shared with council.

Any recently adopted ordinances will be included in the Download Documents section below. A copy of any proposed ordinances will be posted in the Download Documents section at the bottom of this page if and when any new ordinance is being considered.
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The following Ordinances have been adopted by the City Council:57 documents

  • Ordinance 965
    document Header Ordinance 965
    Lawful Gambling
  • Ordinance 963
    document Header Ordinance 963
    Ordinance Continuing a Franchise Fee on Center Point Energy Natural Gas Operations
  • Ordinance 962
    document Header Ordinance 962
    Gas Franchise Ordinance
  • Ordinance 961
    document Header Ordinance 961
    Amending Title 500, Chapter 512 Code Relating to Tobacco License Regulations
  • Ordinance 957
    document Header Ordinance 957
    Building and Development
  • Ordinance 956
    document Header Ordinance 956
    Amending Zoning Map, Rezoning 8482 Long Lake Rd from R-2 to R-1 & Rezoning 8484 & 8486 Long Lake Rd  from R-1 to R-2
  • Ordinance 955
    document Header Ordinance 955
    Amending Title 900, Chapters 906 and 909 of the Mounds View City Code Relating to Public Ways and Property
  • Ordinance 954
    document Header Ordinance 954
    Amending Title 800, Chapters 801 and 802 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
  • Ordinance 953
    document Header Ordinance 953
    Amending Title 700 Relating to Police Regulations
  • Ordinance 952
    document Header Ordinance 952
    Amending Title 600, Relating to Public Health & Safety
  • Ordinance 951
    document Header Ordinance 951
    Amending Business License Regulations
  • Ordinance 950
    document Header Ordinance 950
    Continuing a Franchise Fee on Center Point Energy Natural Gas Operations
  • Ordinance 949
    document Header Ordinance 949
    Continuing a Franchise Fee on Excel Energy Electric and Natural Gas Operations
  • Ordinance 948
    document Header Ordinance 948
    Public Improvement Contracts
  • Ordinance 947
    document Header Ordinance 947
    Boards & Commissions
  • Ordinance 946
    document Header Ordinance 946
    Rental Dwelling Licenses
  • Ordinance 945
    document Header Ordinance 945
    Shadetree disease & pest control
  • Ordinance 944
    document Header Ordinance 944
    Municipal Finances
  • Ordinance 943
    document Header Ordinance 943
    Amend City Administration
  • Ordinance 942
    document Header Ordinance 942
    Intoxicating Liquor
  • Ordinance 941
    document Header Ordinance 941
    Yard Requirements
  • Ordinance 940
    document Header Ordinance 940
    Small Cell Wireless Facilities
  • Ordinance 939
    document Header Ordinance 939
    Firearm Ordinance
  • Ordinance 938
    document Header Ordinance 938
    An Ord Amend Sec 502, Movie Theators Qualifying for On-Sale Liquor Licenses
  • Ordinance 937
    document Header Ordinance 937
    Cable Television Franchise
  • Ordinance 936
    document Header Ordinance 936
    An Ord Continuing Franchise Fee on Center Point Energy Natural Gas
  • Ordinance 935
    document Header Ordinance 935
    An Ord Continuing Franchise Fee Excel Energy Electric & Natl Gas
  • Ordinance 934
    document Header Ordinance 934
    Amending Zoning Ordinance for the Boulevard Housing Project
  • Ordinance 933
    document Header Ordinance 933
    Planning Commission Meeting Types
  • Ordinance 932
    document Header Ordinance 932
    Amend Chap 502 Hours and Days of Sales of Intoxicating Liquors
  • Ordinance 931
    document Header Ordinance 931
    An Ordinance Amending Sec 105.04 of the MV City Code Relating to City Council Meeting Times
  • Ordinance 930
    document Header Ordinance 930
    An Ord Regulating Locations of Residency of Certain Registered Offenders within the City of Mounds View
  • Ordinance 929
    document Header Ordinance 929
    An Ord Amend Chap 405 to Decrease Appointment of Members from 9 to 7 on the Parks, Rec, & Forestry Commission
  • Ordinance 928
    document Header Ordinance 928
    An Ordinance Amending "Appendix E" of the Mounds View Municipal Code, "Munimum Planning & Development Fees"
  • Ordinance 927
    document Header Ordinance 927
    An Ord Amending Title 1100, Chapters 1102, 1103, and 1106 of the MV City Code Relating to Assesory Dwelling Units
  • Ordinance 926
    document Header Ordinance 926
    An Ord Amend Title 1100, of the MV Code Pertaining to Cocktail Rooms, Microbreweries, Microdistillaries, and Taprooms
  • Ordinance 925
    document Header Ordinance 925
    An Ord Amending Title 500, Chap 502, to add Microbreweries and Taprooms Business Licensing to the Liquor Code
  • Ordinance 924
    document Header Ordinance 924
    An Ordinance Coninuing a Franchise Fee on Center Point Energy Natural Gas Operations within the City of MV
  • Ordinance 923
    document Header Ordinance 923
    An Ordinance Continuing a Franchise Fee on Excel Energy Electric and Natural Gas Operations within the City of MV
  • Ordinance 922
    document Header Ordinance 922
    An Ordinance Amending Chap 105 of the MV Municipal Code Regarding Mayor and City Council Annual Compensation
  • Ordinance 921
    document Header Ordinance 921
    An Ord Opting-Out of the Requirements of MN Statues Sec 462.3593 Relating to Temporary Health Care Dwellings
  • Ordinance 920
    document Header Ordinance 920
    An Ordinance Renaming "Highway Avenue" To "County Road H Located Within The City Of Mounds View
  • Ordinance 919
    document Header Ordinance 919
    An Ord Amend Title 1000 of the MV Code Pertaining to Dynamic Display Signs; Special Planning Case 201-16
  • Ordinance 918
    document Header Ordinance 918
    An Ord Assigning the Name "Mounds View Boulevard" ToCounty Rd 10 (CSAH), FromCounty Rd H To Pleasant View Dr
  • Ordinance 917
    document Header Ordinance 917
    An Ordinance Amending Title 1100 of the Mounds View City Code Pertaining to Car Ports and Assessory Uses
  • Ordinance 916
    document Header Ordinance 916
    An Ord Amend Title 1000, Chap 1006, Sec 1006.06, of the MV Code Regarding Certificates of Occupancy and Escrows
  • Ordinance 915
    document Header Ordinance 915
    An Ordinance Amending Title 1000, Chapter 1012 Of The Mounds View City Code Relating To Rental Dwelling Licenses
  • Ordinance 914
    document Header Ordinance 914
    An Ord Amend Title 1300, Chap 1303 of The MV City Code Construction Site and Land Disturbance Runoff Control
  • Ordinance 913
    document Header Ordinance 913
    An Ord Amend Title 1100, Chap 1120O of the MV City Code Relating to (PUD's)
  • Ordinance 912
    document Header Ordinance 912
    An Ordinace Approving a Rezoning of 2408 County Rd I from B-1, Neighborhood Business, to B-2, Limited Business
  • Ordinance 911
    document Header Ordinance 911
    An Ordinance Amending Section 502.12, Subdivision 2
  • Ordinance 910
    document Header Ordinance 910
    Cable Franchise
  • Ordinance 909
    document Header Ordinance 909
    An Ord Amend Chap 1103 of the MV Code Fencing, Screening and Landscaping; Spcl Planning Case 198-15
  • Ordinance 908
    document Header Ordinance 908
    Amend Chap 701 of City Code to Add Provisions for the Keeping and Raising of Honey Bees in Single-Family Res Dist
  • Ordinance 907
    document Header Ordinance 907
    Continuing a Franchise Fee on Centerpoint Energy Natural Gas Operations within the City of Mounds View
  • Ordinance 906
    document Header Ordinance 906
    Continuing a Franchise Fee on Xcel Energy Electric and Natural Gas Operations within the City of Mounds View
  • Ordinance 904
    document Header Ordinance 904
    Allowing additional exterior materials on columbaria

Proposed Ordinances1 document

  • Ordinance 966
    document Header Ordinance 966
    Ordinance Vacating a Portion of Greenfield Avenue

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