Zoning Codes

{72B26397-5C7B-479E-B4B1-DF8772376042}_WebThe Zoning Code for the City of Mounds View has been adopted to protect the health, safety and welfare of its residents and to promote sensible and reasonable land uses compatible for the area in which they are located.

Click on the map graphic to the left to bring up a full-size version of the City's Zoning and Address map. The map is not interactive, which means that you cannot search for a particular property. You can, however, search the Ramsey County database for parcel based assesment information by PIN number or address. The results of these searches include market value information, land acreage, year dwelling was built and the gross floor area. To access this information, click on Assessment Information.
The Zoning Code is posted below.  It is posted in three separate sections for easier viewing quicker navigation.

 Zoning Code, Part 1  

1101 - Zoning Title, Purpose and Interpretation
1102 - Zoning Rules and Definitions
1103 - General Building Requirements
1104 - General Zoning Provisions
1105 - Zoning Districts and Map
1106 - R1, Single-Family Residential District
1107 - R2, Single- and Two-Family Residential District
1108 - R3, Medium Density Residential District
1109 - R4, High Density Residential District
1110 - R5, Mobile Home District
1111 - DELETED

 Zoning Code, Part 2  

1112 - B1, Neighborhood Business District
1113 - B2, Limited Business District
1114 - B3, Highway Business District
1115 - B4, Regional Business District
1116 - I1, Industrial District
1117 - CRP, Conservancy, Recreation and Preservation District
1118 - PS, Pawnshop Overlay District
1119 - PUD, Planned Unit Development District
1120 - Planned Unit Developments

 Zoning Code, Part 3  

1121 - Off-Street Parking Requirements
1122 - Off-Street Loading Requirements
1123 - Nonconforming Buildings, Structures and Uses
1124 - Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
1125 - Administration and Enforcement
1126 - Interim Uses
1127 - Tree Preservation & Landscaping

 Zoning Contact  Jon Sevald, Planner, 763.717.4022, direct


ZONING CODE Part 1 ZONING CODE Part 2 ZONING CODE Part 3 1100-ZONING CODE Combined Zoning Map Updated 1.15.16