Firearms Safety

Please contact our agency with questions or refer to MN State Statutes for the exact verbage on applicable laws.

A few things to know...

-per city ordinance, a person may not fire any weapon within the city
-MN law requires a state background check and application to the chief of police in the person's city of residence (or to the sheriff if there is no local police department) in order to apply for a permit to purchase a firearm
-It is prohibited for any person other than a law enforcement officer on official duty to carry a pistol or any other firearm in public, unless the person possesses a valid permit to carry
-No person may transport a firearm in a motor vehicle unless the firearm:
     -is unloaded and in a closed gun case expressly made for that purpose;
     -is unloaded and in the closed trunk of the motor vehicle; or
     -is a pistol carried in compliance with the carry permit requirements of the Gun Control Act.
     -a rifle must be unloaded and cased when transported within Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey Counties
-It is a gross misdemeanor to intentionally or recklessly cause a child under the age of 14 to be placed in a situation likely to substantially harm the child's physical health or cause the child's death as a result of the child's access to a loaded firearm. It is also a gross misdemeanor to negligently store or leave a loaded firearm in a location where the person knows or should know that a child under the age of 18 is likely to gain access, unless reasonable steps are taken to secure the firearm against access by the child

Each year, members of the Mounds View Police Department teach the Department of Natural Resources youth hunter safety course. Stay tuned for upcoming classes in the fall.
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