The Mounds View Police Department Patrol Unit consists of 3 sergeants and 10 sworn patrol officers. Responsibilities of the patrol unit include responding to emergency calls for service, non-emergency calls for service, traffic law enforcement, making arrests as prescribed by law, providing assistance at medicals and fires to ensure scene safety, and various outreach events.Squad in fog
In 2016, three bikes were added to the unit and three officers attended training.
Our officers deploy the bikes for patrol in neighborhoods, apartment complexes,
attending special events, and providing bike training and awareness to youth.
Currently, 5 Officers serve in the unit. 

School Resource Officers serve at Pinewood Elementary School, Bridges, and Edgewood Middle School. 
We are a member of Ramsey County S.W.A.T.  and V.C.E.T.
Extra patrol requests can be made any time via Ramsey County Dispatch or through our office.
To report a crime, please call 9-1-1. Remember, if you see something, say something.

The Mounds View Police Department has two Investigators who work on all levels of crimes from misdemeanor to felony level. 
When a crime occurs, the responding officers complete their report which is reviewed by the Investigators. They determine whether the case will be active and investigated or inactive and closed. 
Anonymous tips can be taken via the Tip Line. Any information on current cases should be directed to the Investigators.
Active cases are investigated until all leads are exhausted, charges are filed, or it is exceptionally cleared.

 Reserve Officers are non-sworn volunteers who assist the police department in accomplishing its mission by supplementing and assisting sworn police officers. Duties include assisting sworn officers with low risk daily activities, helping with community outreach, and being part of an on call reserve element that is ready to assist the department on large incidents/events. 


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