Home Energy & Maintenance

Home Energy Savings
A majority of Mounds View homes are 25+ years old, with a good percentage at 50+ years old. Federal and State Energy compliance and code requirements have changed numerous times since these older homes have been built, and have become much stricter. This is due to updated mandatory energy compliance regulations, building methods, and product developments, among others. If you are considering doing a home renovation project, new addition or construction, or simply want to make your home more efficient, the Mounds View Community development department offers this section to help older homes that were not built to today’s stricter standards in the form of informational handouts and links.

Home Maintenance
Minnesota’s extreme weather, temperature, and humidity changes present challenges for the maintenance of a home. Most all home structures are built of wood. Wood is an organic material that expands and contracts. Almost every building material used in home has a life span and reacts and/or degrades with contact to water, higher humidity levels, or low humidity levels and/or frost. They subtly react to all the environmental changes, forces imposed, and reaction to and in conjunction with all the other relative building components of the home. Simple daily use, or long periods of non-use can be factors for a building component’s life span. Even the properties of concrete change in reaction to moisture. Not to mention frost, snow loads, wind loads, changing groundwater tables, shifting and freezing soils, etc. These challenging conditions make it that much more important to pay attention to your home as it ages over the years.

Building officials enforcing the MN State Building Code are required to issue permits and inspect all permitted work done within their jurisdictions. In Mounds View, a building permit is required for any project that involves constructing, altering, repairing, moving, or demolishing to a property. This includes siding, roofing, windows, doors, and can include adding insulation to existing attic or wall spaces.  Also, any work on gas, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or other home systems which are regulated by the code are required to be permitted.


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